William Blank is a middle-aged guy who answers to "Bill" and who has walked through a big part of the extreme yin and yang of human possibilities. His life experiences include:
  • Ordination as a rabbi
  • Serving as rabbi for a number of years in several varied positions
  • Writing two well-received books on Jewish and generic spirituality
  • Running several marathons and triathlons
  • Earned some advanced degrees
  • Married over 35 years
  • Sired and raised three adult daughters
  • Spending a lot of time hanging out in a variety of diverse spiritual environments
  • Practicing hypnotherapy for over twenty years
  • Currently holding a day job as a writer of user guides for software products, websites and related communications in the information technology industry


Bill Blank, Hypnotherapist

William Blank

3733 Huff Way

Sacramento, CA 95821

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